Devil's Cupcake

Devil's Cupcake

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Gourmet chocolate and coffee blend, using actual coffee grounds to exfoliate your skin and leave you silky smooth (and smelling like dessert).

Ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Soybean oil, Corn oil, Hemp oil, Organic Shea butter, Water, Lye, Coffee grounds, Fragrance

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I passed by my favorite bakery on the way to work, taking in the rich aromas of freshly brewing coffee with whatever sweet concoctions they had in their ovens at the moment. They have this amazing coffee from the Galapagos Islands, as well as a creamy devil’s food chocolate pastry that they dubbed “The Devil’s Cupcake.”

I had no time to stop in that morning. I already ran late and my boss had been on the warpath for the past two weeks. I figured I could just go to work, kick ass, and then treat myself at the end of the day.

Man, what a day. Right as I stepped in the door my boss came at me, fussing about a client who dropped us. She made the mistake but needed someone to blame, and I happened to be standing in front of her at the moment. I think the only reason she didn’t throw me under the bus was because I reminded her about the email trail that documented her going forward with her mistake (against my advice).

Then I started getting these weird texts. I had a date scheduled that weekend with this guy I met at the art museum, and all of a sudden he began sending very intense messages about what he wanted to do to my body, along with a couple of inappropriate pics for good measure. I had to block him to preserve my own sanity.

After lunch the office manager announced that we would have to complete one of our projects by the end of the day, which sucked because the original schedule gave us an extra week for completion. It turned out that the client’s CEO needed to reschedule his business trip to Beijing a week early, which (thanks to our spineless manager) put us on the hook to deliver fast.

By the end of the day I felt beaten and tired. Numbness spread from my brain through my body as I made my way home. I passed by my bakery again, convinced that I didn’t deserve a cupcake.

But then I thought—wait a minute. I kicked ass that day. I stood up to my boss. I ditched some creep who harassed me. And I didn’t break under pressure to deliver a project ahead of schedule. Hell yeah, I deserved a cupcake.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing better than eating a well-earned cupcake while taking a bubble bath.