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Premium loofah sponges infused with luxury artisanal soap for a unique bathing experience.

Light, refreshing, and (just like the best watermelons) seedless.

Ingredients: Glycerin soap base, Loofah sponge, Fragrance, FD&C colorant

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One summer my friend Nicole and I decided to experience the Watermelon Days Festival in Cordele, GA. It turned out to be pretty much what once would expect from a watermelon festival: watermelon-based products, watermelon-based activities, watermelon-based decorations… so in other words it kicked some major booty.

On the second day Nicole and I decided to really get into the spirit of things, so we bought a watermelon, split it in half, and then hollowed out the ends and cut them into the shapes of helmets. These we put on our heads.

While it seemed like a great idea at the time, we quickly realized the error of our ways when faced with the stifling heat and humidity of a South Georgia summer with a piece of rotting, drippy produce on our heads. But it was too late to renege—we were committed.

To our surprise, we kind of became an attraction. People first began by calling us “The Melon Heads,” “The Melon Sisters,” “The Melon-Head Chicks,” etc. And then people began wanting pictures, which we happily obliged to as long as they signed our melons (ha ha). It all culminated with us posing alongside the winner of the watermelon pageant with a couple of sticks like valiant watermelon knights.

And of course, we topped off our day with the most amazing watermelon wine we’ve ever had.