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Premium loofah sponges infused with luxury artisanal soap for a unique bathing experience.

Cool, fresh, crisp. Like a snowstorm on a winter night.

Ingredients: Glycerin soap base, Loofah sponge, Fragrance, FD&C colorant

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This is a story I stopped telling simply because no one ever believed me.

My family rented a cabin in the mountains during winter break in my kindergarten year. We planned on spending a week in the woods before going to my grandma's to celebrate Christmas.

It hadn't snowed during that warm winter, but this didn't bother us since I could still play outside without worrying about too many bugs, and the cold didn't stop my dad from grilling some mean burgers.

I woke up one morning with tons of energy, and since my parents still slept I figured it best to go play outside.

I'm not sure how it happened, but while searching for the lost treasure of Avalon, I managed to get profoundly lost. I couldn't see the cabin—wasn't even sure which direction it lay. I didn't recognize my surroundings, or elevation, or general whereabouts. For all I knew, I could have really disappeared into the kingdom of Avalon.

The more I searched for the way back, the more lost I became. I went from being a brave adventurer to a scared little girl, but I refused to let myself cry.

A chill swept through the air as the day grew brighter, and a whisp of white grabbed my attention. Snow fell through the trees, but it seemed to fall only in one direction. Curious, I followed it.

I couldn't say that it snowed, but the snowflakes seemed to lead me on a trail, between the trees, through the brush, until I returned to the cabin. I slipped back inside to the gentle snores of my dad, while my mom must have just gotten up to go to the bathroom. No one knew I had left.

I don't know why, but I figured I'd be in trouble if they knew I was already awake, so I changed back into my pajamas and slipped under my blankets before my mom flushed the toilet.

I tried telling the story later, but no one believed that snowflakes led me back to safety when I got lost. No matter—since then I learned to know magic when I see it, no matter what anyone else says.