Candy Cane

Candy Cane

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Premium loofah sponges infused with luxury artisanal soap for a unique bathing experience.

Sweet peppermint fragrance. Not just for the holidays!

Ingredients: Glycerin soap base, Loofah sponge, Fragrance, FD&C colorant

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One year my family decided to spend the holidays in St. Lucia, which is totally as awesome as it sounds. Or so they said. I couldn’t go. I had just started a new job and didn’t feel like it was the best strategic move to ask the boss for extended time off when every single person in the office (many of whom had been there for over a decade) wanted to be off for the holidays.

I spent Christmas Eve in my apartment, but I was far from lonely since my current beau offered to spend the evening with me and he was all about helping me find the fun in everything.

I guess my mom must have felt guilty about going without me, because before they left she dropped off a ginormous bag of mini candy canes. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there’s not a whole lot you can do with a buttload of candy canes. Once you eat one, maybe two, they begin to lose their appeal as a food item.

My boyfriend and I used a few to decorate my little tree and discovered that they made our fingers tacky, as well as almost gluing our lips shut as we noshed on them. So of course we being to wonder… “what else do these stick to?”

Long story short, we ended up with our shirts off, licking these little candy canes and pressing them into each other in various designs and patterns. We learned that they stick well to both skin and carpet, and we also learned that even though they make people sticky, they don’t exactly make people taste like peppermint.

Overall, we had a blast turning each other into sticky messes. In my book it made for a successful Christmas Eve. And then we had to take a shower to wash the sugar off, which is when the real fun started.