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Premium loofah sponges infused with luxury artisanal soap for a unique bathing experience.

Very strong and sweet blueberry fragrance.

Ingredients: Glycerin soap base, Loofah sponge, Fragrance, FD&C colorant

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When I was thirteen my family went to visit my aunt and cousins in Maine. I had ever been to Maine before and all I knew came from Stephen King. Not only did I survive all the murderers and killer clowns, I also discovered that Maine has some really awesome wild blueberries.

You’d never guess that my cousins Bryanna and Kyson were twins, much less siblings. Not only did they look different, but Bryanna was much more civilized than her demon-spawn brother. So when Bryanna invited me to go pick blueberries, we were surprised that Kyson wanted to come along.

Wild blueberries are smaller than what you find in the supermarket, and if Bryanna hadn’t pointed them out to me I might have overlooked them. Energized by the beautiful weather and the crisp, fresh air, we quickly filled our baskets to the brims and left our fingers stained and raw.

I felt the little flick against my shirt followed.

“Gotcha!” shouted Kyson. The little twerp threw a blueberry at me, leaving a little purple mark against my white shirt.

“Stop!” I protested, though this was only followed by another berry to my body. What else could I do? I had to fight back.

The air soon filled with berries as our hands pumped in and out of our baskets, turning the blueberry bushes into a battlefield with me and Bryanna against Kyson. Our rage only made him laugh, which only made us more angry.

By the time we returned home we were all covered in blue goo. And of course we got in trouble—partly for ruining our clothes and party for wasting good blueberries, even though everything was Kyson’s fault.

The next day Bryanna and I snuck out without Kyson and came back with twice as many berries as we had picked the previous day, so even though I ruined a shirt, I like to think that in the end I won.

Most delicious berries I had ever had.