Apple Spice

Apple Spice

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Premium loofah sponges infused with luxury artisanal soap for a unique bathing experience.

Sweet red apples with undertones of cinnamon, clove, and pumpkin.

Ingredients: Glycerin soap base, Loofah sponge, Fragrance, FD&C colorant

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My friends know that I love luxury, so every once in a while someone wants me to review a product or give my opinion on an item.

Alex had an idea to sell a super-premium apple bath. She used fresh, organic apples crushed into sauce, which she then infused with oils and Epsom salts. She only needed someone (ahem, me) to try it out and give an expert opinion.

I arrived at her place and she had the bath ready for me. I disrobed and slipped a foot in. She had heated the bath so that it felt like sliding into a comfortably warm blanket, and it with the aromas of the apple and oils it felt like settling into an apple pie.

I soaked for about an hour, then rinsed off and meditated as I reflected on the bath. My skin felt supple and healthy, I smelled fantastic, and my soul itself felt as though it came fresh out of the oven and was cooling on a windowsill.

I told Alex my feelings about the bath being fantastic, and she enthusiastically plunged forward with the idea. Unfortunately, the cost of setting up these baths seemed to be more than people were willing to pay, even when she tried using processed applesauce. She also tried reducing it to a foot bath and got a few novelty sales, with nothing really taking off.

Though this idea didn’t work out for her, Alex now owns a premium luxury spa and salon and is doing amazing. It’s like how they say failures lead to success. And I get the honor of claiming to be one of the only people in the world who had an applesauce bath, so in my book everybody wins!