What makes this a luxury item?

3 words: quality, quality quality. We use high-quality, natural ingredients to bring you a product that cleanses skin without damaging it, using fragrances and textures that please the senses and soothes the soul as well.

Add in the fact that these soaps are only produced in limited quantities and we have a product that's both amazing to use and tough to get.


Why did my soap arrive with a stain on the label? Is it damaged?

Not at all. The "stain" is simply a by-product of oil. Our soaps use a combination of olive, coconut, soybean, corn, and hemp oils. These oils may discolor the labels, but it's a small price to pay to not have to use harsh and/or abrasive chemicals on your skin.

We get the items straight from the manufacturer so we're still trying to figure out packaging, playing around with different types of labels to see what works best. For now you may see some residue and we are actively working on fixing this. One thing we will ABSOLUTELY NOT do is compromise on the quality of our oils.


How do you sleep at night knowing that you're destroying orangutan habitats?

You're thinking of palm oil, which we do not use. I love great apes. Just ask my last two boyfriends.


Is the soap edible?

Seriously? All of the ingredients are listed in the descriptions. You should be able to identify everything. None of it looks toxic (except maybe lye. I'm not sure). It does wonders for your skin. But I do not recommend eating our soap.


What does it mean to pre-order on the next shipment?

If you don't mind waiting a bit longer or if we're out of stock then you can choose to pre-order an item and we'll add an additional discount for your trouble.


Can I still get free shipping on a pre-order?

Sure, why not?


Why do you put stories into your product descriptions?

You know, I'm not really sure. All of these soaps have some amazing scents which conjure up strong memories for me. I think it has something to do with our reptile brains, or something like that.


More questions?

Email me at questions@jacilove.com